​“There is no other space for me to share my experiences with women going through the same thing.”


Town Council member

The good news is that women are getting elected in unprecedented numbers in local offices around the country.

The bad news is that elected women face serious obstacles to their personal and political success.

As the election night balloons deflate, the real work, the hard work, begins.

Elected women have to learn to navigate byzantine legislative systems, sidestep the haters and mischief-makers, while managing their regular jobs and lives.


These very real problems are getting in the way of elected women achieving their goals. 


Enter NEW, The Network of Elected Women. Our one and only goal is to provide women elected to local offices with the support and guidance they need to do their jobs well. 

We help women serving on school boards, town councils, county commissions, state legislatures and other offices form a Circle, a group of peers, advocates, advisors, mentors, problem solvers. A group…well, really a community…that’s empathetic enough to really listen, experienced enough to really get it, and smart enough to figure out how to address challenges/obstacles/roadblocks/indignities that come up, and seize the opportunities to bring positive change to their communities.

Elected women are invited to start their own Circles by downloading our Playbook for step-by-step directions.

Please share NEW with the elected women you know. 

Please donate to NEW to help us help them.