​Elected women need our support after elections. They are learning how to navigate byzantine legislative systems, sidestep the haters and mischief-makers, while managing their regular jobs and lives. Your donation will enable us to create local communities, or Circles, of elected women to connect and learn together and achieve their goals.


NEW is a project of the Amalgamated Foundation.*


Here is our budget for 2019 and 2020.

Please become a:

  • Golden CIRCLES Donor ($10,000) to create and support 10 NEW Circles around the country. Your support contributes to the ongoing development of the NEW Playbook, a stipend for Circle organizers for food and beverages, as well as people time to support online network building.

  • Silver CIRCLES Donor ($5,000) to support 5 NEW Circles around the country.

  • Bronze CIRCLES Donor ($2,500)

  • A NEW friend (any amount!) A NEW friend gives any amount to support locally elected women. We need new friends, not to replace the old ones, but to help us continue to learn and grow.


The Network of Elected Women (NEW) is a project of Amalgamated Foundation. This enables us grow quickly with a minimum of infrastructure. Contributions to NEW are tax-deductible.Your support is critically important our work at Network of Elected Women. We want to grow our efforts with our new and old friends. We want to learn from you, and remake America by supporting elected women and a public leadership style that is collaborative, transparent, risk-taking and fair.

* The Network of Elected Women is administered by the Amalgamated Foundation, an independent nonprofit public charity. In addition to administering Combined Impact Funds like the {Name of Fund}, the Foundation also offers Advance Change Funds, donor advised funds uniquely committed to social change. Reflecting their shared commitment to positive social change, Amalgamated Foundation receives charitable contributions from and maintains service agreements with Amalgamated Bank, but is not a program or activity of Amalgamated Bank. For more information go to


Variance Power: All gifts and grants to projects are subject to the Amalgamated Foundation’s authority to vary the terms of the gift.  As stated in Article III, Section 1 (B) (4) of the Bylaws, the Foundation adheres to Treasury Regulation 1.170A-9(e)(11)(v)(B)(1), commonly known as the Variance Power.  This allows the Foundation to “modify any restriction or condition on the distribution of funds for any specified charitable purposes or to specified charitable purposes or to specified agencies if, in the sole judgment of the governing body (without the necessity of the approval of any participating trustee, custodian, or agent), such restriction or condition becomes, in effect, unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community or area served.”   

“I am grateful to NEW and feel blessed to have you all in my corner. Thanks!”   Town Councillor